We made it to Friday night, so it’s time for GOODNIGHT, METAL FRIEND MIX 34. Listen on Mixcloud, or stream it right here:


It’s getting down into the single digits tonight, the coldest it’s been in awhile. I usually like going out for a walk before I make these mixes to the local quick-mart for a decaf coffee, but tonight I stayed in and made it at home. Just too damn cold. I think the harsh weather seeped into this mix.


TRACK 1: HUNTERTHEN, More Immersive (2023)

Hey, I made this track. From my new release ‘WIZARD BOX,’ I’ll be pulling from this release over the next few mixes.

TRACK 2: Susana López, The Big Drone (2019)

I forget how I found this, but it fits quite well.

TRACK 3: Kali Malone, Does Spring Hide Its Joy v1.2 (2023)

Found via Pitchfork of all places. This was a departure from my normal electronic tracks that I use, but I felt we could handle it.

TRACK 4: sonnov, Chojy (2023)

sonnov from the Ukraine is a regular here, putting out so much material I can’t keep up. Definitely purchase some of their music if you’re able.

TRACK 5: 疑心暗鬼, 死 (2018)

From the Bandcamp page, “The artist name is 疑心暗鬼 which roughly translates to the saying ‘If you suspect something, then everything starts to look suspicious around you.’”

TRACK 6: Steve Roach, Topographic (2022)

This one from ‘Church of the Heavenly Rest - New York City,’ recorded live on June 4, 2022. It’s special.

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-Seth Werkheiser

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